At Expert Stores, we believe in helping our community and investing in its future. That’s why we started Expert Cares, our program to give back. Our motto is “Expert Hearts, Expert Hands. Doing Good Together.” Our latest project is with Lesedi Day Care Centre in Alexandra.

We noticed that the walls of the daycare needed fixing up. They were old and worn-out from weather and kids playing. We knew it was important to have a safe and nice place for kids to learn and play.

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With the help of our customers and partners, we set aside some money each month to fix up the walls. Our team worked hard to make the daycare look better. Seeing the kids’ smiles when they saw the new walls made it all worth it.

But our work with Lesedi Day Care Centre doesn’t end there. We’ve been supporting them for a while, along with Refiloe Zwane, who runs the centre. Even during tough times, Refiloe keeps going, making sure the kids have what they need.

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Besides fixing the walls, we’ve helped with things like getting new stuff for the daycare and providing educational materials. We want to help these kids have a better future.

As the kids get ready to move on, we’re excited to keep working with Lesedi Day Care Centre. We want to find more ways to help them reach their goals.

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Thanks to Refiloe Zwane and everyone at Lesedi Day Care Centre for letting us be part of your community. Together, we’re making a difference and helping build a brighter future for everyone.

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