Winter has arrived and with that so has that feeling of always being hungry. What about winter makes people crave warm, hearty, home cooked meals? We’re not too sure on that one but luckily Philips has introduced their brand new All-in-one cooker to get us through this chilly season!

This kitchen machine is designed to take the hassle out of home cooking and we’ll tell you 5 ways it does that:

  1. Rapid Pressure Release Technology

Rapid Pressure Release Technology delivers automatic pressure release in just 7 minutes – 50% faster than stove top cooking.*

  1. Taste Control System

Get tastier results with the  new Taste Control system – precise pressure and temperature control increases meat tenderness by 22%** and juiciness by 42%.**

  1. Pre-set Cooking Programs

Pressure cooking to slow cooking, sautéing to steaming – enjoy over 35 pre-set menu options at the touch of a button.

  1. Sauce thickening for greater texture and flavour

Press the Sauce Thickening button after pressure release – the high-powered boiling function will make your dishes thicker, richer and seal in the flavour.

  1. Add ingredients during cooking

Whether you want to add extra ingredients or realise there’s something missing from your recipe, simply press the Add Ingredients During Cooking button at any time to drop and stir in with ease.

How about that? With the Philips All-in-one Cooker, all your winter meals are sorted. Now it’s time to put it to the test. On top of everything, use the NutriU App to find recipes that will tickle your taste buds and provide meal prep inspiration from tons of everyday recipes.

If you find something you like, use the  24h easy-to-program Preset Timer and 12h automatic Keep Warm function and your meals will always be optimally heated and ready to eat when you are.

Cook a variety of delicious meals in 30 minutes with maximum taste and minimal effort.

Check out the NEW Philips All-in-one Cooker here:

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