A new week starts and with it comes the rain, as well as new beginnings.

This morning the #ExpertCares team had the privilege of visiting a local day care centre named Lesedi Day Care in Alexandra. After the financial struggles of the past few years and with COVID-19 impacting the entire community, we decided to reach out and get involved to see where we can make a difference.

The day care centre is run by Refiloe Zwane, who opened the schools doors officially in 2012 and unfortunately has had to tap into her own financial resources to keep it afloat since COVID-19. She lost more than half of the children who were forced to stop attending and only a few have returned since, bringing it up to 45 in total…

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As it turns out, the school was desperately in need of a fridge so we started off by donating a brand new Kelvinator refrigerator to the Alexandra school.

It’s so important for companies to get involved in their local communities and try to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

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What a heart-warming experience being able to interact with the teachers and kids and see the smile on Refiloe’s face when the awesome new fridge was being set up. With their graduation coming up soon, we hope to be involved and see how else we can make a difference.

These kids deserve the world and so much more and today was just the start of #ExpertCares and Lesedi Day Care Centre.

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